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California Ranch® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil COOC – 500 ml


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From our California farmers and carefully selected partner growers in Argentina, Chile and Portugal, this artfully blended and balanced blend of extra virgin olive oils has a fresh taste to enhance your everyday cooking. Crafted to the highest industry standard for extra virgin olive oil created by the Applied Sensory Panel, this oil is floral on the nose with a medium green grass finish and is versatile for a number of everyday uses, including high-heat cooking (smoke point tested up to 425 degrees). Our packaging is designed for maximum transparency (best-by date and harvest date marked on every bottle) and ease-of-use (easy, no-slip finger grips and dark green bottle to protect the oil from the deteriorating effects of light exposure).This oil is great for: • Making dressings and vinaigrettes • Roasting or sauteing vegetables • Grilling chicken, steak, or seafood • Using as a dipping oil with bread • Baking • Drizzling over ice cream

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