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CARLYLE Organic Inulin Powder Prebiotic Fiber Supplement – 425G


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An Easy Powder To Get Your Prebiotics Daily Carlyle’s bulk Organic Inulin Prebiotic FOS Powder 15 oz bottle is an easy way to introduce prebiotics into your healthy routine. Add this convenient powder into your favorite smoothie recipe, coffee, or liquid. All you need is 2 teaspoons daily, shake for an extra boost and simply go about your day. Some people may add agave, stevia or a syrup for a sweeter flavor. Our Inulin Prebiotic FOS Organic Powder is the perfect alternative to tablets, gummies or capsules.

What Are Prebiotics? Often confused with probiotics, prebiotics refers to food components that help keep the bacteria within the colon (large intestine) balanced.* It aids in the growth of the good bacteria.* Prebiotics offer a soluble fiber with a low glycemic index. Now, the main source of prebiotics is oligosaccharides which are carbohydrates that contain linked simple sugars. One of the best and most notable sources of prebiotics is Jerusalem Artichoke.

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