Health Garden Erythritol Sweetener (3 lb.)


  • ALL NATURAL: Quality is important to Health Garden and that’s why their sweeteners are 100% all natural, making them fresher and richer in nutrients.
  • PERFECT FOR BAKING: This sweetener has no aftertaste and won’t change the texture of your food like other sweeteners.
  • LOW GLYCEMIC RESPONSE: Get your sugar fix without the annoying downsides.
  • SUGAR SUBSTITUTE: Health Garden’s all-natural Erythritol sweetener is a healthy substitute for table sugar and supports a fit lifestyle.
  • NO HARMFUL ADDITIVES: Health garden manufactures 100% natural, low-glycemic sweeteners that are free of artificial chemicals.

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Erithritol is found in nature and offers an intensely sweet flavor without any of the calories, and is safe for diabetics and allergy sufferers. Erythritol, discovered in the mid-19th century and safely used ever since, is valued for providing the sweetness of sugar without any of the adverse side-effects sometimes associated with other sugar substitutes. Health Garden uses a specialized formula to produce the purest and most wholesome Erythritol on the market. There are no other ingredients or additives in here; only honest-to-goodness natural Erythritol

Packaged in the USA. Vegetarian/Vegan product. USDA Organic and non GMO verifiedPure.
Organic and non GMO
Pleasant-Tasting Natural Sweetener
Great For Reduced-Calorie and Sugar-Free Recipes
Zero Calories

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