Premier Protein Shake 30g, Ready To Drink, Strawberries & Cream


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It just takes one smooth, velvety sip of this rich chocolate flavored shake to remind you of that showstopper from the diner. And hey, lucky you—now it’s part of your healthy routine. Get the vital protein that you body needs with the Premier Protein High Protein Shake. With this beverage multi-pack, you can curb hunger, grow muscle and feel stronger.

Is a Premier Protein High Protein Shake Good For You?

This creamy chocolate beverage is designed to fill you up and replace a meal, which can be a convenient way to save time without compromising your diet. While it’s tasty and filling, this Premier Chocolate Shake also contains a variety of healthy ingredients and amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which can provide many benefits. With a high protein shake like this, you can promote the development of lean muscle mass with very little effort.

  • Each shake contains 30 grams of protein
  • Essential amino acids, 160 calories, 1 g. sugar, 24 vitamins and minerals
  • Enjoy as a meal, a healthy satisfying snack, or workout fuel
  • Helps promote lean muscle growth and curbs hunger


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