Therabreath Professional Formula Fresh Breath Toothpaste


The most powerful Dentist recommended fresh breath toothpaste
24 hour fresh breath confidence
Fights sulfur-producing bacteria, morning breath and the toughest food odors with Zinc, Xylitol, and Aloe
No detergents, foaming agents, artificial flavors or colors
Prevents cavities and tooth decay
Soothes gums with natural Aloe.
Approved for Diabetics.

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TheraBreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste with Fluoride is dentist formulated to freshen breath all day and all night and help protect teeth from decay for adults and children, too. Because TheraBreath Toothpaste does not contain any harsh detergents, it can be used to help prevent painful canker sores, linked to sodium lauryl sulfate. Other healthy ingredients control tartar, plaque and cavities. As with all TheraBreath products, this toothpaste is guaranteed to work to your complete satisfaction or your money back. TheraBreath Dentist Formulated Fresh Breath Toothpaste with Fluoride, Mild Mint, 4 Ounce

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